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Forum topic: Flash

Nothing it's a great engine for games and you can include flash games as long they have a downloadable client - Which the reason why I will unpublish SH - Online in the near future

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Forum topic: Flash

What's exactly wrong if game based on Flash..? It's still much more advanced than most of "real" programming engine based games. And what about Dofus?

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Well I'd say there should be both Neverball and Neverputt in the DB, even though the download link would be the same. The two games are still different and therefore different types of players could be interested in one or the other.

Each game description would mention that the game comes bundled with the other one + link to the LGDB page of the other game. WDYT?

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typo fixed and info for abandoned and preorder added, checkout:

the text for abandoned games is very strict and we do have a lot if them in the database, maybe not all of them are abandoned some where even released this year.

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Looks good, just fix the typo:
deleted form -> deleted from

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So then it makes no sense if we have neverball or neverputt in the DB, right?

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thats good we should have this warning for preorders and abandoned games(maybe in yellow), too

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To illustrate what i have in mind check out fieldrunners witch was distributed with a humblebundle and only is available from desura as invite only (?)

You can set the flag under the maintenence tab.

@nullzero it is possible to display a timer.