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Forum topic: Crossover port

ok, I will detete this then

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Forum topic: money money

i almost finished the normal game on linux, despite of all the bugs i've found. and at the final boss, a bug totally blocked me. that's a shame. plus you need some good config to run a not really optimized game.

the game is great apart of this, wouldn't buy it.

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eh?! How, when!? And are you serious here? the orignal Rune-scape, old school Rune-scape?

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Forum topic: Weekend tournament

After a fantastic day Godde is announced the winner after 26 different games In 2nd you have Danil fallowed by PoW. this was a great tournament and we hope to have more in the future.

Tournament end

There is final bracket online and casts from tournament on Youtube made by our action hero Fury Shadow 33,3 cm.

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Forum topic: Category

Why there is no more games supporting multimouse/multi pointer like this?

Multiple Pointer on huge screen team based RTS game like zero-kzx would be great fun. hmm.

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Forum topic: Weekend tournament

REGISTER into the tournament

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For what it's worth, we've always listed open code (as in OSI, which the GPL complies with) but closed art games as open source. This includes ToME4 and other games

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I'm not sure why this is hard for you to understand.

The source is open. Period. You wanna see it?

It's on Google Code for crying out loud. You couldn't get more visible short of uploading it to github.

Art assets (Models and Unit Textures for those models) are protected via CC by NC SA.

Lua scripts are licensed via GPL, WTFPL, PD, and various other GPLish/compatible licenses.

The project as a whole is protected via CC by NC SA. Just because the project as a whole is licensed one way, does not mean that other individual parts of that project cannot fly under other banners.