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Maybe we could leave them published but display a big warning (like on Wikipedia) that this game page is not complete and/or the game is not availably atm for linux, or that the article is a stub and needs improving...

for a moderator it means just flagging the content appropriately. even less administrative work and better user information.

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Forum topic: money money

srsly, I have enough games that offer me a great experience and I'll be damned if they get a penny from me

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Forum topic: money money

Game is great, missing an awesome experience just because one dev is a douche is not worth it.
Plus you will miss many game with so much big mouth out there making indie games

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>IMO it's much easier to solve the problem immediately when it occurs

you can't do it because of temporary issues eg: server down, dns change, new domain... - so the best way is to unpublish them and look for the page from time to time

>Just noticed - Neverputt was renamed to Neverball, but that actually illustrates

I remember neverball it wasn't updated since years, the link lead to a page full of neverball with no neverputt downloads or links so I renamed this to neverball because neverball was missing and neverputt was / is nowhere available

Also, at that time I had ~200 opened tabs with games that lacked alot of tags and I edited one after another some links lead to nowhere so I googled for them and replaced their urls

and there a still many others eg:

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Just noticed - Neverputt was renamed to Neverball, but that actually illustrates that having single comment would have prevented any additional efforts required to understand where the problem is.

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I agree that dead games (when there's no download provided by developers) should be unpublished. What I'm concerned about is:

  • In case of temporary problems (e.g. dead link, but it's possible to find working link) the person who is somehow responsible for the game (e.g. the one who posted it) doesn't get notified of problem and cannot fix it
  • It is difficult to undestand why the game was unpublished after some time have passed. For example: Neverputt ( Downloads on game page seem to be working fine. There are no comments on why was it unpublished, so I'm confused whether this needs to be published again or left as is.
  • Looking through all the list of unpublished games seems inconvenient form me; IMO it's much easier to solve the problem immediately when it occurs
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there is no silent removal, most of the time they are unpublished because the links lead to nowhere(which can be a temp. issue eg: server down) you can also look at them under Find Content

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it's called 6DoF and it's possible in some FS2 mods and in the main game(That mission with the captured shivan fighter)