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Good day! Thank you for posting this one!
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should be fixed now, please verify. thanks.

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Same problem here. Conkeror 1.0 Xul 30

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Forum topic: Price Correction

We display the price in $, thats why it says 2.99. we don't have the capabilities to display different currencies.

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Forum topic: Not Working On Linux

Upgrading to java version "1.7.0_65" fixed the problem. Game is now working! Thanks!

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Forum topic: Strange description

Its a game about nothing™
Seriously, its a MOG. No great enemy to fight. Just grind away on monsters in dungeons and improve your stats and collect wealth like any typical MOG.

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Forum topic: Free and Open Source

Thanks for pointing that out, fixed

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Forum topic: no license yet

I started a discussion about this on the Greenlight page for Destination Sol:
Feel free to add enlightened advice there :-)