Alpha funding! This project is not finished and only partially playable and generally in an early development stage.

IConquerU is a Free Tactical and Strategy Online Game MMORPG available now for Linux (natively). It has the following main features:

  • Kingdoms: Players can team up in Kingdoms. Join your friends in a powerful IConquerU Kingdom and conquer the vast World!
  • Hero development: Hero skills are practically unlimited and can be totally customized. Your Hero will be genuine.
  • Special items: Thousands of Special Items are waiting for you! They can be mixed to build up new powerful and genuine Items.
  • Champion development: Customize your own units to fit your tactic needs. From terrorific dragons to brave warriors.
  • Unlimited crafting: So you need a rope to investigate a misterious place under the ground or over a tree. No problem, find some vines or plants to craft you own rope. Almost all the environment is interactive and you can combine items to create new ones.
  • Immersive environment: All you acts will have consecuences in this World. Fires, corpses ... All will remain to remind other Heros that you were here!. Rain, fires and other weather phenomenons will help you to get totally immersed.
  • Building Fortress: Conquer, build up and defend you empire from fierce enemies. Build your own empire at your own taste. Hire Generals or Captains (Real players!) to help you to defend the empire and multiple Fortress of your domain.
Minimum system requirements: 

- CPU: Pentium 3 500 MHz
- Ram: 500 MB
- Hard Drive:1 GB
- Mouse