X-Blaster Dominator

X-Blaster Dominator

Early development!

This project is not finished and only partially playable and generally in an early development stage. Because of the promising nature of the project it is listed here.

X-Blaster Dominator is a vertical scrolling shoot'em up in 2D available for Windows and Linux.

This is an independent project that I made in C + + with SFML in ArchLinux. In this game, the player is a Japanese pilot went to fight U.S. forces to recover a secret technology. If you are a nostalgic player 80-90 years or looking for a nice game on Linux, X-Blaster Dominator should suit you. The game contains 15 types of enemies, 4 and 5 boss levels. To match every type of player, he can play in easy, normal and hard mode.

Minimum system requirements: 

CPU 600 MHz.
RAM 512 MB
GPU NVidia / AMD / Intel with 64 MB VRAM


Download Beta

Since the beta 0.4, X-Blaster Dominator no longer need SFML2.

For the moment, only the x86_64 version is available. Come back later for the i686 version.

Beta 04 RPM (x86_64) : http://injection-studio.com/?wpdmact=process&did=MTIuaG90bGluaw


Beta 0.4 DEB (i386) : http://injection-studio.com/?wpdmact=process&did=MTAuaG90bGluaw
Beta 0.4 DEB (amd64) : http://injection-studio.com/?wpdmact=process&did=MTEuaG90bGluaw