Lix is a multiplayer action puzzle game.

It belongs to the IRS genre – Interactive Rodent Simulation. The game was inspired by Lemmings, a 1991 game by DMA Design that got ported to a lot of different platforms, most notably Amiga, DOS, and SNES.

The game will sport these features:

  • Networking mode for up to 8 teams. Play a classical 1v1 match,
    a strategical 2v2 team game, a wild free-for-all, or team up
    against the strongest Lix player among your friends.
    (Spectator mode is also available.)
  • New skills like Jumper, Runner, and Platformer. Also, the
    Walker is an assignable skill. The Cuber transforms itself
    into solid terrain very quickly.
  • Exploders have knockback and send everybody
    flying all over the place. The Baseball Batter smashes nearby
    lixes away. Both are perfect to dislodge enemy blockers. ;-)
  • Cylindrical and toroidal maps, and other multiplayer-balancing
    game physics.
  • In-game editor: Design your own levels.
  • Include your self-drawn graphics and use them as terrain,
    entrance hatches, exits, deadly traps, ...
  • Singleplayer mode with action replay, savestates, and other
    features to aid in executing puzzle solutions.
  • Lix will probably be put into the public domain.
    Copy, alter and share the game as you wish.
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