TRAUMA added to the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle


TRAUMA was added as a bonus game to the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle.


$1 buy games, to get the address to download and share... Im bad towards any indie game developers...

lol, you can buy it legitimate for 1$ its pay-what-you-want...
MAKE IT APPREHEND THAT YOUR COMMENT WAS MEANT IRONIC using irony tags, smilies or whatever. otherwise delete it.

both of you should die of shame! :(
please be happy that people thake the effort to port these games to Linux!

shame on you!

nice, and frozen synapse is such a beauty (and hard) game - I'm going to increase my payment...


Just said, there are always people buy, not always people donate.

Im not feeling shameful on any aspects, I do donate my little money to African Kids, to FOSS projects. All my money for those not important to life like games. I shall part my money to those never getting fund rather than an action many people do: purchase. I would donate, to games zero-k, springrts; to some tools - inkscape, a Chinese font project wqy.

Not yet for Scribus and GIMP. But I will, just later, and Hedgewars. Probably following with openclonk, armagetron, laidout.

I bought those humble bundle for few $, and played few of them. Some were nice, some were I waited for years(the And Yet It Moves since the IGF Award). Meanwhile, I found I shall give more money to Licho, he run SpringRTS server and took thousands of euro from own pocket for hosting. Then the money goes to Zero-K.

The open source community is already mainly about linux, having support from commercial companies is what we lack.
I understand your position of donating instead of buying, but for the HIB games, there isn't much difference, really.
Most HIB games have been open sourced after the sale.

A greater gap of financial balance, is the difference, as it is the commercial activity itself.

The event get HIB participants money no doubt.

Never a event to get attention on those free to play.

I saw sometimes indie gamers/developers questioning "why ****(anyone using springrts engine) the game is free?"

People always want more, if its game need payment, then pay for it; if its free game then download it, and it is end.

Ok, I don't care commercial support like other people do... that make me different maybe.

I am really in favour of these commercial-today/FOSS-later projects.
Take Minecraft or the HIB. The devs make some money and the source gets released (during the same decade).
With the economic downturn (call it "the USA f***ed us all" if you wish) less and less developers are going to have spare time for purely FOSS projects.
Sometimes you need to be able to compromise.

Yeah, thats why people shall donate...

I saw indie developer complaining their own fiscal situation. Right, people need to get pay for life and more. I just don't see much donations.

And I have limited money. Firstly, I'd donate to applications. PEOPLE ALL KNOW TO PURCHASE.

I recently had to give up working on a serious FOSS project mainly because no one donated. I think FOSS projects are just going to have to learn the hard way like I did that you can't work on it long term because no one is going to donate. And until it becomes widely known that you simply aren't going to be able to fund your FOSS game then your going to see more developers getting burned.

Your only hope is to be commercial and then FOSS after sales. Also nobody cares if it is FOSS until it is finished anyways.

Honestly I'd protest against trying to make money with games at all for the realistic average FOSS-type team. Games that make money normally require high demand, high paid incredible talent. That or money making is only for the lucky group to be first with a game genre to the platform who can even make a well rounded good game in the first place.

If every large genre have a FOSS. Then the gaming world may corrupt, as FOSS re-use resources minimizing labour. And if player play more FOSS then less income to non-FOSS. FOSS kill huge amount of income to IT industry. That's probably why few goveronment will support it as it also kills tax/employment.

Awesome point as to why government would not support FOSS. However I do not agree FOSS will kill commercial. Free labor does not produce at the rate that paid labor does. Also free labor does not tend to be in the consumers best interest but mainly in the developers interest. If people want / need something done then they will pay for it...

I think at best FOSS vs commercial will be much like windows vs linux - linux will always be "2nd" however will always be destined to be first.

And yes I agree that government should help FOSS projects. FOSS projects are in demand but by their nature are very hard to fund. This is the very kind of things that require tax / government intervention. Much like how roads or military would never get paid for.

Thats the model: I wanted, pay for FOSS. However, its very unlikely to work. General people will not donate/pay those end-up to be free.

Most people care about now, not future.