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1.0 (23 Apr 2014)
The RufasGate (aka wormhole) game is a combination of Portal and Sokoban.
Genre: Point & Click, Puzzle, Simulation

GemRB (26 May 2013)
GemRB (Game engine made with preRendered Background) is a portable open-source implementation of Bioware's Infinity Engine.


Tools and drivers to configure your ROCCAT devices

Crazy Ping

1.0 (14 Apr 2014)
Crazy Ping is a Pong clone with a twist
Genre: Arcade, Platform


0.3 (25 Mar 2014)
Galois is a computer game of the "falling blocks" type, but with unique features.
Genre: Arcade


Sienna is a simple, albeit frustrating, one-button platformer.
Genre: Arcade

Duck Marines

Duck Marines (working title) is a cross-platform free software remake of Sonic Team's Chu ChuRocket for the Sega Dreamcast.
Genre: Arcade


Solaar is a Linux device manager for Logitech’s Unifying Receiver peripherals.


3.0 (31 May 2010)
Deliantra is a thrilling MMORPG in a retro, pixel art world where magic and monsters abound.
Genre: MMO, Role-playing


beta 1.0 (3 Mar 2014)
Alert! This is NOT another Rubic's cube.
Genre: Puzzle, Strategy


beta 1.0 (3 Mar 2014)
3D slider puzzle for children, but surprisingly tricky even for adults.
Genre: Puzzle, Strategy

rufas' cube

(stable) beta 1.0 (24 Feb 2014)
Alert! This is NOT another Rubic's cube.
Genre: Children / Educational, Puzzle