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Breakout Casino

1.2 (16 Jun 2002)
A great and quite unusual pastime where you play the Arkanoid-style game with flashy casino chips, trying to win as many as you can...
Genre: Arcade

Absolute Blockbuster

1.0 (8 Jul 2004)
Absolute BlockBuster is a collection of five amazing arcade games, among them BlockBuster, Squares, and other addictive pastimes.
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle


1.0 (13 Jul 2004)
TetriBox is a pack of 18 arcade games with different blocks, grids, strategies and logic.
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle


1.0 (6 Aug 2009)
Absolutist's Mahjong has four variants that make the game stand out among the others.
Genre: Arcade, Boardgame, Puzzle

Volley Balley

1.6 (13 Jul 2004)
Beach volleyball is always pleasant.
Genre: Arcade, Sports

Smiling Bubbles

1.0 (9 Apr 2009)
It is a very funny game in a cartoon style with bright-colored bubbles, bubble-faces and tons of bonuses.
Genre: Arcade


1.0 (9 Apr 2009)
New BoXplosion for Linux with cool 3D effects, bright colors and gripping gameplay! An arcade game on speed, combinatorial analysis and logic.
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle

Illustrix Dream Pack

1.0 (14 Oct 2004)
Absolutist introduces the new genre mix! This game takes the best of logic and action - arcade-style gameplay is combined here with...
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle

Bubble Shooter

3.13 (16 Jun 2002)
One of the greatest and most addictive games! Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board, scoring as many points as possible.
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle

Jet Ducks

1.0 (5 Aug 2004)
"Every autumn people start hunting us.
Genre: Arcade


2.2 (4 Apr 2005)
Swap butterflies so that you could collect 3 or more butterflies of the same color together.
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle

Theseus and the Minotaur

1.26 (23 Feb 2010)
Play one of the world's most famous maze games! In Theseus and the Minotaur, you must guide Theseus through 87 mind twisting labyrinths...
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle