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1.12 (8 Jun 2010)
Blocks is a 3D Jump n' Run game.
Genre: Arcade, Platform

Stormbaan Coureur

2.1.6 (30 Nov 2009)
Stormbaan Coureur is the Linux game with a larger track and many challenges.
Genre: Arcade, Driving


07 (6 Jul 2008)
Krank is a relaxing casual game with very simple gameplay and soothing background music.
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle


1.1 (29 Jul 2008)
You are an archaeologist trapped in an underground crypt with a limited supply of air.
Genre: Roguelike, Role-playing


3 (3 Mar 2008)
Gravitation is a video game about mania, melancholia, and the creative process
Genre: Social, Simulation

Brain Workshop

4.8.4 (2 Aug 2012)
Brain Workshop is a free open-source Python implementation of the Dual N-Back mental exercise.
Genre: Puzzle, Action


8.5 (20 Apr 2011)
Conquest is a Unix/C port of a real-time, multi-player space warfare game that was originally written in RATFOR for the VAX/VMS platform...
Genre: Strategy


0.6.1 (16 Mar 2009)
OpenFracas is a free, open-source game that is similar to Risk.
Genre: Boardgame, Strategy


2.0.1 (31 Oct 2007)
Ri-li is an arcade game licensed under the GPL (General Public License).
Genre: Arcade, Puzzle


1.16c (9 Jul 2009)
Does anyone remember “Skyroads”.
Genre: Arcade, Driving


2.3.2 (7 Jul 2009)
Bygfoot is a football (a.k.a. soccer) management game for Linux and other UNIX look-alikes.
Genre: Construction and management, Simulation

Slam Soccer 2006

1.0.3 (18 Jul 2006)
Slam Soccer 2006 (English title, the original German title is “Bolzplatz 2006”) is a funny football game in 3D-comic-style—and it’s for free!
Genre: Sports, Action