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DevCorner: GameDevelop goes open-source

2 months 3 weeks ago by Julius on Free Gamer

Thanks to GamingOnLinux for pointing out that this crossplattform *no-programming* 2D game development suite has gone fully FOSS.It can export games to HTML5 and native code (x86 Linux and Windows).Read the original announcement here. The github repository is here.License infos:

  • The IDE (in the IDE folder) is licensed with GPL v3. 
  • The Core library, the native and HTML5 platforms (respectively Core, GDCpp and GDJS folders) are LGPL v3. 
  • Extensions (in the Extensions folder) are using...

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Windows release date ‘Civilization: Beyond Earth’

2 months 4 weeks ago by RootGamer on

Publisher 2K Games announced today that Sid Meier‘s Civilization: Beyond Earth is expected 24th October at your local retailer. The game will appear on Windows platform first. In previous announcements 2K announced support for both OS X and Linux. When the Linux version will appear, is yet unknown. The game will appear on October 24 and costs 49.95 euro in a shop. Furthermore, 2K Games... Read More »

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