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Goat MMO Simulator Released

14 hours 24 min ago by TimeDoctor on

The waiting time is over. Now is the MMORPG time for goats eveywhere. It’s a free update for Goat Simulator owners and you can play dozens of quests  across five classes to level up to level 101.  Goat Simulator on Steam.

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“This War Of Mine” Available On Steam

1 week 15 hours ago by Kereltis on

Another very interesting and different title just released on Steam for Linux, experience war from the other side in “This War of Mine”! About We might not yet have all the triple A titles or MMORPGS we’d like but where Linux gaming is coming into its own is in the Indie world. Over the past year we have seen the release of some very interesting... Read More »

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Linux release ‘Lords of Xulima’ next month!

1 week 4 days ago by RootGamer on

Lords of Xulima is a Role-playing game set on the mythical continent of Xulima, where Gods and humans once walked side by side. Experience a genuine RPG featuring over 100 hours of gameplay, and discover one of the most epic sagas ever told.

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Transistor Released

2 weeks 1 day ago by TimeDoctor on

The beautiful Action-RPG, Transistor, from Supergiant Games (the team that built the Bastion), has been brought to Linux by Ethan Lee. He details his travails and technical challenges in this blog post: Basically, I took all the files in their MonoGame branch that referred to OpenTK, and replaced them with the FNA versions of those […]

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“War Thunder” Is Now Available On Linux

2 weeks 2 days ago by Kereltis on

No more World of Tanks running sub par in WINE for me, War Thunder here I come! About We’re happy to announce today that War Thunder is now available for Linux users. War Thunder is a next generation MMO combat game involving WWII and Korean War era, military aviation, armoured vehicles, and fleets. It is one I’ve been waiting for and really looking looking forward to... Read More »

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‘Bad Juju Games’ acquires ‘Desura’

2 weeks 3 days ago by RootGamer on

Last year ‘Linden Labs’ acquired ‘Desura’, we interviewed Desura founder Scott Reismanis about Desura’s future and development. In which he was enthusiastic about the  transition and shared high hopes for it’s team and possible new features. Today ‘Bad Juju Games‘ announced they acquired ‘Desura’ from ‘Linden Lab‘ on their website; Linden Lab has begun an ambitious project to create the next generation of virtual worlds,... Read More »

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Stunt Rally version 2.5 released

2 weeks 4 days ago by Julius on Free Gamer

To celebrate tomorrow's big movie launch, I am nicknaming it Interstellar edition :DGet the all the details and download links here!This post was retrieved from

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Download ‘Stunt Rally’ v2.5

2 weeks 4 days ago by RootGamer on

‘Stunt Rally‘ car simulation is done by VDrift a great game by itself, also using bullet. Rendering is done by OGRE, trees/grass by PagedGeometry, Gui by MyGUI. The road is based on a 3D spline and it’s fully customizable in editor More ‘Stunt Rally’ screenshots can be found at the images gallery   Changelog: Version 2.5 03. 11. 2014   167 tracks (20 New) 5 New sceneries: Surreal, Stone, Space, Alien, BlackDesert Common Renamed all... Read More »

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Black Glove Kickstarter

3 weeks 4 days ago by TimeDoctor on

We don’t post many kickstarters, and I personally try to avoid doing so because 90% of them aren’t going to ship at the budget they’ve chosen, on time, or with most of the features they’ve talked about. With that preface I’m fairly psyched for The Black Glove, from former Bioshock devs Day for Night Games. […]

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Dead Island: GOTY Edition Released

4 weeks 18 hours ago by TimeDoctor on

Do you like murdering zombies on tropical islands? Dead Island is pretty great at it and is somewhat surprisingly now available for Linux years after it was released. By far the most fun you’ll ever have brutally slashing melee weapons at zombies. Plug in a 360 pad for bonus analog control over your attacks. Dead […]

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Screencheat Released

1 month 1 day ago by TimeDoctor on

If you’ve ever played a multiplayer, split-screen, console game you’re going to be right at home with multiplayer split-screen FPS Screencheat. It’s like those older games, except everyone is invisible at all times and it’s impossible to be polite and avoid looking at their corner of the screen. In this game you must do so […]

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Release ‘Project Cars’ postponed

1 month 6 days ago by RootGamer on

The English developer ‘Slightly Mad Studios‘ has announced the release date of the racing game ‘Project Cars‘ moved from late November to March 2015. By delaying the game release, Slightly Mad Studios hopes to avoid competition from other titles. Slightly Mad Studios initially announced the delay  on a forum exclusive to backers of the project.  The content of that post was then shared on a... Read More »

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1 month 1 week ago by TimeDoctor on

We don’t post much in the way of editorials, but it seems inappropriate to remain silent on an issue that is making everyone who plays games or is associated with them look bad. If you’re not familiar with the issue, there’s a hashtag on twitter called #GamerGate (that link will take you to see it, be […]

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Released

1 month 1 week ago by TimeDoctor on

All of that Borderlands 2 porting work that Asypr did hasn’t gone to waste. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was just released and is a simultaneous release with Mac and Windows. It is a little odd that this is a full-price $60 game, the early impressions I’ve heard haven’t been extremely positive as the main (and only?) […]

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We’re Steam Curating Now

1 month 1 week ago by TimeDoctor on

Valve recently added a new storefront to Steam, and in addition to enhanced search controls for finding games available for Linux, you can now follow us on our Steam curation page. We’ll post some recommendations there, and you should join our group if you’d like to chat or play with your fellow LG readers. The […]

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Borderlands 2 Released

1 month 1 week ago by TimeDoctor on

Colorful shooters a plenty as Borderlands 2 has finally been release for Linux. This is the 2nd port from Aspyr, who were commonly known as a Mac porting house and also brought us XCom: Enemy Unknown. Gearbox’s Borderlands 2 has tons of content and is a super fun mix of RPG and FPS. Borderlands 2 […]

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Roundabout Released

1 month 1 week ago by TimeDoctor on

Would you like to drive a limousine that is constantly spinning while you try to deliver passengers to their destinations? In Roundabout you can do that and watch some great 70’s B-Movie cut scenes in-between levels  Roundabout on Steam

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Heavy Bullets Released

1 month 1 week ago by TimeDoctor on

Heavy Bullets is a roguelike FPS with a bright neon aesthetic from Terri Vellmann. There aren’t many others, and this is the first roguelike FPS for Linux. Heavy Bullets on Steam

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Stronghold 3 Gold Released

1 month 1 week ago by TimeDoctor on

Castle-builder Stronghold 3 has been released. It’s got some great graphics and seemed decently fun from the couple hours I spent with it. Though it has mostly negative reviews on Steam, we can finally play it in Linux. Stronghold 3 Gold on Steam

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Terminal Overload 0.3 released + support the developer on Patreon

1 month 1 week ago by Julius on Free Gamer

The very innovative and awesome looking (+ fully FOSS) multiplayer FPS Terminal-Overload got a new release today.Charged x-jump on the new ETH5 map (3rd person camera turned on)One of the new features is a charged jump that lets one take big leaps to reach good sniping spots or evade an enemy etc. Other changes for this release:- New map: ETH5 - Prettier GUI - Replace re-...

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Is SquareEnix coming to SteamOS / Linux?

1 month 2 weeks ago by Ultimoore on

HAHAHAHAHAHA, What? So yesterday on the Final Fantasy XIII threads a Linux gamer by the name Fast Eddie posted saying comment that Final Fantasy XIII has shown up in his Linux game library. Instantly this not only caught my attention but other Linux gamers as well. The Linux gaming reddit has not just one user but many users also having the same symptoms. Was this... Read More »

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Annex 4.0 RTS released!

1 month 2 weeks ago by Julius on Free Gamer

We mentioned it a few days ago, but you can now download the latest 4.0 version of the RTS Annex: Conquer the World.Changes:– 2 New Factions: Alliance Renegades and NEO Republic– Shadow Organization units: Vixen (hero) and Sentinel– New Tilesets: Apocylapse, Metropolitian, Overcast, Brightland, and Outland– Increased Level cap, unit re-balancing and refined gameplay.– New Technology tree options: Simple Battle,...

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“Borderlands 2″ Now Downloading On Steam

1 month 3 weeks ago by Kereltis on

Feel free to purchase a copy of “Borderlands 2″ as it’s 75% and now fully available on Linux! About You read it correctly, Borderlands 2 is now downloading on Linux. I know some of you were a bit disappointed a couple of weeks back when it appeared in your libraries but wouldn’t install. Well, now it’s installing and fully released so start your Steam clients... Read More »

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Pier Solar HD finally makes its Steam release today.

1 month 3 weeks ago by Ultimoore on

Wooo! I love JRPG’s and well regular RPG’s alot. So it’s no surprise that I have been looking forward to this release for a while. Watermelon Co. the company behind the development of had reached beyond their funding goal on Kickstarter back on December 5, 2012, Watermelon Co. had raised $231,370 of their $139,000 goal and took their time to make sure the game ran... Read More »

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“Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition” now on Linux

1 month 3 weeks ago by Kereltis on

After a long wait we finally have “Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition” on Linux! About L.G.C. (Linux Gamecast Weekly) broke the news over the weekend that Baldur’s Gate had finally arrived on Linux. Although this classic RPG had been running just fine under WINE it is still great to see it appear in my Steam Linux games list. I am over the moon that this whopping... Read More »

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Citadel makes big promises

2 months 16 hours ago by Hythlodaeus on Free Gamer

There's a new big remake effort a-brewing in the Free Software world, this time for prominent shooter/RPG, System Shock. under the shape of project Citadel. According to project description, the goal is to recreate the original game using the widely known GPLed platform Darkplaces Engine, upgrading the game's graphics to full 3D but keeping game aesthetics close to the origianl game. Added modding capabilities and cooperative multiplayer will also be a part of the project.  Details,...

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Linux ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’

2 months 1 day ago by RootGamer on

Looks like Christmas comes early this year, 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' has reached 'playable' status according to steamdb. On the steam store you don't see the game listed yet. However, the game can be installed already!! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a first-person shooter video game which is a part of the Counter-Strike series. It was announced to the public on August 12, 2011, and is developed by Valve Corporation and their partner, Hidden Path Entertainment. The game was later released on August 21, 2012 for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, and OS X as a downloadable title.

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Valve Launches Steam Discovery Update

2 months 1 day ago by Kereltis on

Today Valve launched the Steam discovery update, personalized shopping with a completely redesigned store page! About September 22, 2014 – Valve today launched the Steam Discovery Update, which introduces new functionality and features designed to optimize the Steam shopping experience as the number of new titles on Steam increases. In the past nine months, Steam has added over 1,300 new titles and grown to over... Read More »

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Annex:CTW RTS version 4.0 close to release

2 months 2 days ago by Julius on Free Gamer

The MegaGlest based RTS Annex: Conquer The World is very close to a major update as version 4.0. Strait from the developer's mouth:Yes! We are so close we can almost taste it.He also posted a game-play video of the current development version:He also recently stated that the new release will be fully FOSS, i.e. not only GPL source-code but also all artwork under a FOSS compatible creative-commons license (most likely CC-by-SA).It's just a pity that the new much improved GUI code from MegaGlest seems to be not yet ready for the release.P.S.:...

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‘Bastion’ 75% Off On Steam

2 months 4 days ago by Kereltis on

In the mood for some light, not to intensive gaming this weekend? You’re in luck, ‘Bastion’ is 75% off on Steam! About Bastion is an action role-playing experience that redefines storytelling in games, with a reactive narrator who marks your every move. Explore more than 40 lush hand-painted environments as you discover the secrets of the Calamity, a surreal catastrophe that shattered the world to... Read More »

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