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Top 3 Open Source Pinball Games

3 days 21 hours ago by Iwan Gabovitch on Free Gamer

The first flipper pinball machine was released 68 years and 1 month ago and yet there is only a handful of open source, cross-platform pinball video games available! Oh well, let's take them for a spin, shall we?Nexus Pinball Nova Pinball GameplayStarted only a month ago, ...

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Naev, Valyria Tear, Wyrsum, ReTux

2 weeks 1 day ago by Charlie on Free Gamer

Wymrsum 1.6.0 was recently released (announcement on our forums and on Steam). Wyrsum is inspired by the original Warcraft games and many reviewers on Steam compare it to Warcraft II. The project continues a steady development pace which is always a good sign so I encourage RTS fans to try it out....

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Play Blockstorm for free!

3 weeks 5 days ago by RootGamer on

Blockstorm is a FPS game set in a world made of destructible blocks. All maps and characters included in the game are made with the same tools that are available to the public. You can build everything in Blockstorm, and you can destroy it. * Ends in 5 days and 12 hours Minimum: OS: Ubuntu

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Steam: 13.5 million players simultaneously

3 weeks 5 days ago by RootGamer on

Online gaming platform Steam has broken its previous users record. On Monday, November 1st were 13.5 million players simultaneously logged into the steam platform. So can be seen on the stats page of the online distribution platform. The previous record was 10.7 million users and stemmed published in October. Steam has 125 million registered users

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Battletech-Kickstarter raised 2.5million

3 weeks 6 days ago by RootGamer on

The Kickstarter for strategy game Battletech, the game in the same universe as MechWarrior, has reached all its stretch goals. With the 2.5 million dollars raised harebrained schemes, the studio can make both single- and multiplayer. The final stretch goal, PvP multiplayer, is achieved when the revenues of Kickstarter and PayPal are combined, the total

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What is SteamOS? by ‘The Linux Gamer’

1 month 1 week ago by RootGamer on

I’ve had a few of my friends and family ask me what SteamOS is all about so I made a video explaining just that. This video is the culmination of two months of work. Let me know what you think! You can find me on these socials: Steam Curator: Twitter: Facebook: Music:

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1 month 1 week ago by RootGamer on

The player-character is a bro, a hypermasculine action hero-style commando, who fights terrorists and rescues his bro teammates and prisoners of war from captivity. The levels end when the player defeats a foreign devil boss, hoists an American flag, and leaves via helicopter while the scenery explodes. The bro character names parody those of fictional

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1 month 1 week ago by RootGamer on

Intro: Tonight I was in the mood for something incredibly chill. I didn’t want time limits or races, I didn’t want distraction or guns or loud noises. I didn’t even want to use my brain more than really necessary. It was with great pleasure I found Lyne. [gameinfo title=”LYNE” game_name=”” developers=”Thomas Bowker” publishers=”Thomas Bowker”

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Megabyte Punch

1 month 1 week ago by Ultimoore on

I love Nintendo’s Super Smash Bro’s series. When I first saw this games screenshots on IndieDB I instantly fell in love. But was this game going to be good enough to fill my Smash Bro’s fix? Well lets see if it can stand up to a pretty high bar Nintendo set. [gameinfo title=”Megabyte Punch” game_name=””

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Zareason Zeto, Linux gaming rig

1 month 1 week ago by Kereltis on

I was lucky this week in that I got a chance to take a hands-on look at the Zareason Zeto. Zareason have been shipping quality Linux rigs since 2007. They concentrate mostly on the R&D side so that they are able to guarantee their customers the highest quality systems. Unlike other Linux PC builders, Zareason

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1 month 1 week ago by Ultimoore on

Intro I remember back in the late 80’s when my older brother would go out with their friends and leave the NES by it’s lonesome. I would play hours to months on Platform games (That I still play today) like Super Mario Brothers 1-3 , Castlevania , Avengers and many other titles. Back then developers

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1 month 1 week ago by RootGamer on

Intro: After constant debate and topless pillow fights on who should do the next review. We came together and remembered how diverse everyone’s experience is with gaming on Linux. Like our friends at Linux GameCast Weekly You have 3 guys with 3 different machines. Our score and categories are still the same. But the scores

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Saturday Morning RPG

1 month 1 week ago by Ultimoore on

Intro Hey , remember the cartoons of the 80’s? So many great shows like He-man and the Masters of the universe, She-ra, Transformers and G.I.Joe. Tons of classic movies and styles came from the 80’s that really defined a lot of people today. I had been waiting for this game to come to Linux for

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1 month 1 week ago by Ultimoore on

Irritum is a cross platform (Linux, Mac, Windows) DRM free, 3D platform game with puzzle elements, stylish visuals and a dark trippy atmosphere. [gameinfo title=”Irritum” game_name=”Irritum” developers=”IndieIrritum” publishers=”IndieIrritum” platforms=”Windows | Mac | Linux” genres=”Platformer” release_date=”Sep 5, 2013″] Intro It has been awhile since I took a good look at a 3D platformer. So getting a

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Eldritch (Minecraft)

1 month 1 week ago by Kereltis on

Eldritch was released on Steam on Oct 21, 2013 by Minor Key Games. This is an interesting mix of Minecraft meets old school text based RPG, with a touch of Lovecraftian action thrown into the mix. The retro 8 bit look is all the rage at the moment it seems and Eldritch is no exception.

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The Dwarf Run

1 month 1 week ago by RootGamer on

The Dwarf Run is an old-fashioned RPG with elements of point-n-click adventure. The story tells of an expedition to the ancient underworld temple undertaken by young dwarf Dalain Stonecruncher with party of friends and numerous adventures that followed. Dalain, Zenn, Ionor, and Barbados are about to meet the strangest beings, join the rebellion, investigate conspiracies,

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Shovel Knight

1 month 1 week ago by RootGamer on

Keith Henderson Jr: My first review! Thanks to Yacht Club Games for providing me with a free copy! I was surprised how much fun I had with this game; I’m usually not a big man of the whole, “8-bit platformer callback!” genre, but Shovel Knights does things right. Just the feel of the game and

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ColorCode 0.8.5 Mastermind Clone Game Gets Qt5 Support

1 month 1 week ago by Craciun Dan on TuxArena

ColorCode is a Mastermind game implementation for KDE and the latest version, 0.8.5, has been modified to use Qt5.

ColorCode, dubbed as “Advanced MasterMind game and solver”, is a clone of the Mastermind board game, comes with features such as preset and custom level difficulties, play/pause options, appearance configuration, hints, game timer, human vs computer or computer vs human game modes.

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Pentobi Is a Blokus Board Game Implementation for KDE with Various Features

1 month 2 weeks ago by Craciun Dan on TuxArena

Pentobi is a board game in which players have to place pieces that are similar in shape with tetrominos on a square grid board, while trying to block the opponent from doing the same. The winner is the player who places the most number of pieces on the board when no more pieces can be placed.

The latest stable release is 10.1, put out earlier today, and comes with a new Undo Move toolbar button. The features of Pentobi are as follows:

  • 4...

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Anticube 2 - a game within a game

1 month 2 weeks ago by Charlie on Free Gamer

So, as I sometimes peruse various forums, the occasional gem pops up. This is one of the best hidden gems in Open Source gaming.Anticube 2 is a map for Tesseract / Cube 2 that is inspired by the game Antichamber and NaissanceE. If you are unfamiliar with those, that means it is an abstract FPS puzzle game where things are not quite what they seem. Or, as the creator Lord Kv probably better explains:Anticube 2 is a puzzle map for Tesseract. You'll find yourself in an interactive, dynamic, non-euclidean world. Supported by 5000+ lines of Cubescript...

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Games with G (Gorynlich & Gigalomania)

1 month 3 weeks ago by Julius on Free Gamer

Great news for people who like GGGGames ;)The author of the new action roguelike dungeon crawler kind of darwen mayham game Gorynlich was so kind to inform us his game. It comes with this funny trailer (and some great programmer's art :p ):The code is licensed under the LGPL, while the assets are only freeware right now. But the author seems to be open to look into replacing the assets with Creative Commons licensed ones if someone is interested in doing so.Gorynlich is done by the same author as the ASCII game Goblin Hack...

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Stunt Rally 2.6 and Irrlamb 0.2

2 months 1 week ago by Charlie on Free Gamer

Stunt Rally 2.6 has been released, with new features including pacenotes (i.e. corner speed/severity hints) and a rewritten sound system with reverberation (changelog).Stunt Rally is a sandbox racing game with a huge number of tracks (172 in 2.6) and lots of cars. It was originally forked from VDrift and features Ogre3D as a graphics engine instead of the custom (and less sophisticated) graphics engine in VDrift.A video is worth a thousand...

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OpenDungeons and FreeOrion updates plus ReTux

2 months 2 weeks ago by Charlie on Free Gamer

A couple of long standing open source game projects have received significant updates.OpenDungeons, an open source dungeon management game, has seen release 0.6 make it out the door. Release highlights from the changelog:

  • New spell logic with cooldown, targets and cost management
  • Fancy new spells: Heal, Explosion and Haste
  • Particle effects!
  • Reworked library logic and made research order configurable
  • New creature overlays that show the creatures' mood
  • Customisable creature sound effects!
  • Doors to better block enemies and...

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Devcorner: Macros Are Evil

2 months 3 weeks ago by Charlie on Free Gamer

The joys of programming - hours spent scratching one's head whilst trying to figure out why the seemingly correct code does not produce correct results.Hi, Charlie here. I used to post often.Where was I? Ah, yes, this nugget of brain fudgery from the VDrift forums posted by NaN:So I've spent some time today try to figure out why cars are still flying off in random directions when hitting curbs sometimes.It turns out it is a bug in Bullet, to be more specific in the SIMD_DEGS_PER_RAD macro.Code:#define SIMD_PI           btScalar(3.1415926535897932384626433832795029)#define SIMD_2_PI         btScalar(2.0) * SIMD_PI#define...

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"Infinite Bundle" $1.99USD/ $2.94AUD @ BundleStars

2 months 4 weeks ago by light487 on OzBargain

"Infinite Bundle" $1.99USD/ $2.94AUD @ BundleStarsText from the email:
Multi-platform madness! 12 games for $1.99(USD)

Grab the brand new Infinite Bundle and get 98% off 12 multi-format Steam games. Saving you $83 and priced at $1.99, that's only 17 cents per key!

All games are available on Windows, Mac & Linux, plus 11 have trading cards

I have a small child, so there are a number of games here worth my time to get for them. Your mileage will definitely vary on this deal.

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