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Stunt Rally 2.6 and Irrlamb 0.2

1 week 6 days ago by Charlie on Free Gamer

Stunt Rally 2.6 has been released, with new features including pacenotes (i.e. corner speed/severity hints) and a rewritten sound system with reverberation (changelog).Stunt Rally is a sandbox racing game with a huge number of tracks (172 in 2.6) and lots of cars. It was originally forked from VDrift and features Ogre3D as a graphics engine instead of the custom (and less sophisticated) graphics engine in VDrift.A video is worth a thousand...

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OpenDungeons and FreeOrion updates plus ReTux

3 weeks 4 days ago by Charlie on Free Gamer

A couple of long standing open source game projects have received significant updates.OpenDungeons, an open source dungeon management game, has seen release 0.6 make it out the door. Release highlights from the changelog:

  • New spell logic with cooldown, targets and cost management
  • Fancy new spells: Heal, Explosion and Haste
  • Particle effects!
  • Reworked library logic and made research order configurable
  • New creature overlays that show the creatures' mood
  • Customisable creature sound effects!
  • Doors to better block enemies and...

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Devcorner: Macros Are Evil

1 month 23 hours ago by Charlie on Free Gamer

The joys of programming - hours spent scratching one's head whilst trying to figure out why the seemingly correct code does not produce correct results.Hi, Charlie here. I used to post often.Where was I? Ah, yes, this nugget of brain fudgery from the VDrift forums posted by NaN:So I've spent some time today try to figure out why cars are still flying off in random directions when hitting curbs sometimes.It turns out it is a bug in Bullet, to be more specific in the SIMD_DEGS_PER_RAD macro.Code:#define SIMD_PI           btScalar(3.1415926535897932384626433832795029)#define SIMD_2_PI         btScalar(2.0) * SIMD_PI#define...

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"Infinite Bundle" $1.99USD/ $2.94AUD @ BundleStars

1 month 2 days ago by light487 on OzBargain

"Infinite Bundle" $1.99USD/ $2.94AUD @ BundleStarsText from the email:
Multi-platform madness! 12 games for $1.99(USD)

Grab the brand new Infinite Bundle and get 98% off 12 multi-format Steam games. Saving you $83 and priced at $1.99, that's only 17 cents per key!

All games are available on Windows, Mac & Linux, plus 11 have trading cards

I have a small child, so there are a number of games here worth my time to get for them. Your mileage will definitely vary on this deal.

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Xonotic 0.8.1 released & related news

1 month 4 days ago by Julius on Free Gamer

For those that are not keeping up to the latest development branch (via the autobuilds), the Xonotic developers have released a new version with various smaller changes and new official maps.From the user "Antibody" (known for his duel commentary videos) comes this nice video overview of the new features:(please note that due to video capture performance reasons the graphic settings are pretty low, and the game can look much nicer with different settings)On the longer term horizon of Xonotic...

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Mini Sci-Fi Open Source Tower Defense Game

1 month 3 weeks ago by Iwan Gabovitch on Free Gamer

Purely by chance, I found an obviously abandoned but still fun to play mini tower defense with a skippable tutorial level and two playable missions, beautiful graphics and performance settings.To be a master is to spam en massSo you place towers and the shoot enemies that move towards your base. I know this! Being an impatient player type, I skipped past the tutorial and was annihilated in level 1....

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