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Children / Educational , Construction and management , Puzzle , Action
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MMO , Simulation , Action
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Platform , Shooter , Action
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Shooter , Action
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Arcade , Beat 'Em Up
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Very nice new movie from the Xonotic community:It gives a pretty good idea about the vanilla game mode, although the very popular (some...

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Battle for Wesnoth (23 November 2014)
1.12.0 Changelog
Daedalus - No Escape (23 November 2014)
Pioneer (20 November 2014)
20141120 Changelog
Terminal Overload (19 November 2014)
0.5.0 Changelog
Dust Racing 2D (18 November 2014)
1.8.3 Changelog
Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (17 November 2014)

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