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Shoot 'Em Up , Action
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Text Based / Visual Novel
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Shooter , Action
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I took a quick look whether one could find some open source games news (new game projects to be specific) by sorting SourceForge game...

3 weeks 6 days ago by Kereltis
3 weeks 6 days ago by Kereltis
1 month 3 weeks ago by TimeDoctor
ChaosEsque Anthology (26 March 2015)
Release 52 Changelog
Seven (SevenSlider) (26 March 2015)
(stable) beta 1.7
rufas' cube (26 March 2015)
(stable) beta 2.1
RufasGate (26 March 2015)
(stable) beta 2.8 Changelog
RufasSlider (26 March 2015)
(stable) beta 1.9 Changelog
WorldCupSokerban (26 March 2015)
(stable) beta 2.1

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